Polar Pro Hero 3 Aqua Magenta Filter (Glass)

$ 9

Key Features

  • Color-Correction for Green Water
  • Snap-On / Off Attachment
  • Slim Frame Glass Filter
  • Works at Depths Below 8′
  • Tether Cord and Pouch

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The Polar Pro Magenta Glass Dive Filter fits the lens port of the GoPro HERO3 Housing and is designed to provide proper white balance in green water, especially water that contains a high algae content. This glass color-correction filter works best at depths below 8′.

The filter is built into a slim frame that snaps on and off the lens port of the GoPro’s underwater housing. It features a tether cord to help you avoid losing the filter while diving and a scratch-resistant microfiber pouch to store it in.

Because the filter is made of glass, care should be taken when handling and storing.