Mophie iPhone 7 4.7″ Juice Pack Air Charge Force Wireless Battery Case (2,525mAh) – Rose Gold

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  • Use this juice pack case with any mophie Charge Force wireless mount and enjoy effortless charging at home or in any vehicle as built-in magnets hold your phone in place and charging begins on contact
  • Compatible with Qi and other wireless charging technologies, you can top off your phone and juice pack battery using other wireless charging systems, including tho found at airports, coffee houses, and in many new cars
  • Simply touch the juice pack case to any Charge Force accessory the magnetic mounts will align with the case for a perfect charge every time
  • Wireless isn’t the only option for charging your iPhone/7/8 when using the juice pack air
  • Wireless power and extra battery in a light-weight form factor with rubberized support pads on the interior, built to withstand drops and hard falls, complete with raid corners for added protection against scratched and cracked screens
  • Enables pass-through charge & sync with the included micro USB cable when connected to a computer
  • Integrated standby button allows you to choo when to charge or save some juice for when you need it most
  • Thoughtfully-designed speaker ports enhance and amplify audio as it is redirected to the front of the case, resulting in superior sound quality

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Innovative charging technologies – Special priority is given to the phone when charging, and you can sync up with a computer or laptop without having to remove the entire case. Charge force technology prevents overheating and over-charging. For the mophie wireless charging base included with the juice pack wireless case, connect the charging base to a wall charging adapter with at least a 1.8-amp output.